February 15 th , 1945 is still a meaningful date for the city of Cottbus. 70 years ago the bombardment of Cottbus took place. This happened to end the awful fascism in Germany. For the people of Cottbus, the horrors of war had returned to Germany as its source. Today, 70 years later, enough time has passed by for us to understand the misery fascism can do. Nevertheless, neo-Nazis will try once again to abuse the 15 th of February to stage the Germans as victims. Also this year, they will downplay the unbelievable crimes against humanity and use this day for their ideology.

During the last years, a protest movement of the civil society has been established against the misuse of this day. It is an important contribution to putting the events of February 15 th , 1945 in the proper historical context and thus clearly opposing the myth of Germans as victims. This has lead to the trend, that fewer neo-Nazis take part in the march each year but instead more and more people rally for an open civil society and solidarity. In Dresden, Europe’s former biggest neo-Nazi march has finally been brought to a halt through blockades. It is also our goal for Cottbus that this date is no longer abused by historical revisionism and no more fascists walk the streets of Cottbus – neither on February 15 th nor on any other day!

Nationalism and reducing humans to their economic usability can never be a solution to social insecurities and problems within the society. The horrible war crimes during World War II have shown this in the most tragic of ways.

Let’s take away the public space from old and new neo-Nazis! Let’s fill the streets with our call for a free and open-minded coexistence of all the people! We will not let neo-Nazis march through Cottbus – neither on February 15 th nor on any other day! Blockades are legitimate and necessary. We declare our solidarity with everybody sharing out goal to stop the neo-Nazi march! Join us on February 15 th 2015 when we will call: COTTBUS NAZIFREI!

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